M2MC presents new version of NB-IoT prototyping kit for the Internet of Things, PG Board


M2M Communications Holding (M2MC) unveiled the latest version of their innovative prototyping device, PG Board. It is a unique solution designed for the latest generation of Internet of Things networks, called Narrowband (NB-IoT). The new version of the PG Board now includes an improved antenna, a larger button to test the network signal, and new light wires for both the LED and light sensor.

PG Board can be used as a prototyping device for creating and thoroughly debugging IoT firmware as well as a full-featured multi-purpose sensor for end customers. Thus far, no manufacturer in the world has been able to combine these two applications into a single solution.

PG Board comes out from the factory with five most popular sensors. Additional sensors can be connected to create a unique multifunctional IoT module. With the use of STM32 from STMicroelectronics, Europe's largest manufacturer of chips and a kind of standard for enterprise and industrial solutions, the PG Board is also a part of a huge community of developers looking for smaller sensor series. Configuring and producing special modules in small series the traditional way is too expensive, but with PG Board, it's easy and very affordable.

PG Board consists of the following:

  • Quectel BC66 communication module
  • Micro controller STM32 (STM32L452)
  • GPS chip and sensors: accelerometer, thermometer, hygrometer, light sensor and Hall probe,
  • Power supply and battery,
  • An antenna optimized for B20
  • Optional cover
  • RESTLINK programming module (external).

A comprehensive set of sensors is not the only advantage of the PG Board. It also includes an activated access to miotiq.com (with a data rate of 200 kB per month) configured for Vodafone's NB-IoT network for easy management of device communication so that it can be put into operation immediately after unpacking.

"Since its launch, up to a hundred developers have tested and used PG Board. They especially appreciate the great efficiency of programming firmware for IoT devices, as well as the possibility of prototyping new sensors for low-power networks. The variability of this module is further underlined by the possibility to produce it in any configuration according to the wishes of customers, "said Karel Krčmář, founder of M2MC Holding.

M2MC is an integration partner of Vodafone, AT&T, A1, Telia and T-mobile for the NB-IoT network. Customers can order from one to thousands of SIM cards, for which M2MC provides a suitable data tariff on the platform for device communication management, interconnection with the NB-IoT network and commissioning data from the sensor to the IoT application including the REST API interface. Customers and partners can use M2MC services regardless of whether they connect their devices or PG Board.

The price of the fully equipped PG Board module is 95 EUR. Further information can be found at www.pgboard.eu.

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What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows various devices and appliances to communicate with each other or directly with a user by wirelessly transmitting data over mobile networks. These interconnected devices ensure the collection of large amounts of data that can be used in many different areas, such as industry, healthcare, meteorology, transport, intelligent electrical installation, etc.

What is Narrow-band?

The most recent network of the Internet of Things is called the Narrow-band (NB-IoT). In contrast to existing networks, NB-IoT is designed exclusively for data transmission. It allows users to connect any smart device, wherever it is, to the network. Data transfer is efficient and the battery in the device lasts for several years. The big advantage is the high availability of the signal and its reach even in places where other communication technology fails, such as buildings, underground or underwater. All end devices can be remotely controlled and set up using a simple application or website. Key benefits of Narrow-band networks are:

• High surface coverage.

• High signal transmission (across several walls, underground or underwater).

• Two-way communication (all terminal devices can be controlled and set up remotely).

• Long battery life (terminal devices last up to ten years without recharging).

• Data security (the network operates in the licensed bandwidth).

• Inexpensive equipment (such as sensors, modules and other measuring devices).

What is miotiq?

Miotiq is an integration platform that enables the data from sensors to be delivered to specialized applications. Miotiq is the key connecting layer between the mobile operator's backend and databases or applicationsthe frontend - for example, various IoT hubs (Google, Microsoft, AWS) or a variety of applications. It enables device management, data processing into various data paths (UDP packets, encapsulation into TCP / IP communication), billing and API for direct connection with applications.

About M2M Communication Holding

M2M Communication Holding operates from Central Europe with headquarters in Prague and serves clients all over Europe and the United States. M2MC is a pioneer in the development of NB-IoT communication platforms with a low maintenance cost. It continually expands the possibilities of data collection and availability to ensure an outstanding business environment for IoT / M2M solutions. Further information can be found at www.m2mc.eu.

Contact person for media:

Lucie Sitarova, GSM: +420 606 384 921, press@m2mc.net