Are you NB-IoT/LTE-M Hardware Producer? 

This is how we can help you.

Can you produce an amazing sensor or a device that takes advantage of the LowPower 5G network? Through the platform, we can connect it to the NB-IoT networks in dozens of countries - and so reach millions of customers.

The main advantage is that the whole process is very simple and cheap. We will even assist you with getting a more complex certification, in case you want to penetrate countries that require it.

Thanks to the way analyzes online traffic, we have a status of authority in the area of proper handling of NB-IoT equipment.

We will also include your sensor or other devices in the database of proven products, from which B2B and B2C customers are often choosing their next purchase or a partner.

Do you want to know how we support other players in the IoT sector? 

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