Are you an Idea Owner?
This is how we can help you.

Do you have an idea for a product or a service that would benefit from very low initial costs and the possibility to function many years without the need for charging the battery? We will help you find the best ready-to-use product or connect you with one of the hundreds of our partners who develop software and applications.

They will bring your idea to life and we will ensure the communication between the sensor and the app, including the verification that your device is working correctly in the NB-IoT network.

We are working with independent contractors and the best freelancers, as well as with huge corporations such as Microsoft or IBM. We will help you find the best partners for your project! 

Do you want to know how we support other players in the IoT sector? 

See how we cooperate with: 

If you are a NB-IoT/LTE-M hardware producer:

Can you produce an amazing sensor or a device that takes advantage of the LowPower 5G network? Through the platform, we can connect it to the NB-IoT networks in dozens of countries - and so reach millions of customers.

The main advantage is that the whole process is very simple cheap. We will even assist you with getting a more complex certification, in case you want to penetrate countries that require it. Thanks to the way analyzes online traffic, we have a status of authority in the area of proper handling of NB-IoT equipment.

We will also include your sensor or other devices in the database of proven products, from which B2B and B2C customers are choosing.

If you are a Software/application developer:

Do you have an awesome application that can analyze data from LowPower (or other) sensors? Perform various interesting operations with the data and display their results or activate an action?

Via REST API, we can get data from various NB-IoT sensors into your application. You don't have to lose time securing the connection to different operators and their different interfaces. You'll need just one API to get data from devices in different countries, one to send a message from your server to the device.

Of course, you can also manage individual devices, using the REST API set.

We will be also happy to offer your application to the ecosystem of our partners.