The rough seas of NB-IoT are our playground

What we do

We are pioneering the development of NB-IoT/M2M communication, with a focus on simplicity, innovation and low maintenance costs. Our motto is Low power = Low cost.

We provide ready-to-go SIM cards from Vodafone Global, AT&T and A1 connected to the integration platform miotiq, and the unique Prototyping Board for faster NB-ioT dedicated devices development.

How we do it

Miotiq is the unique integration platform that allows you to collect complex data from sensors or other NB-IoT devices with ease and clarity.

It is already directly connected to NB-IoT networks, so you can connect to it within minutes!
Do your applications understand standard REST API? Yes!

Then you devices can send the data immediately!  

How we make it easy

PG Board is designed to quickly create a fully functional NB-IoT prototype. It is equipped with all the necessary components and you can even connect your own sensors!

You can debug and fine-tune your firmware and predict the real consumption of your NB-IoT devices, because PG Board is extremely energy-efficient.

Who we cooperate with

To bring you the best NB-IoT has to offer, we are cooperating with the best in the business.

We have a close partnership with Vodafone, AT&T, and A1 which allows us to serve customers all around the world. Our more than 50 partners are developing bespoke NB-IoT sensors and applications for applications in any scenario you can imagine. 

Our unique solutions make NB-IoT easier for you


Whether you are an idea owner, integrator, hardware producer or software developer, we can make your job easier and more profitable.

You have an idea, we have many partners that can make it happen.
And we will take care of the connection. 

You produce an amazing device, we can connect you through the NB-IoT network to millions of customers around the world.

You have an application for analyzing data, we will get that data from the sensors to the application via our REST API. 


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M2MC is working with clients in many industries and areas. Here some of them. 


NB-IotT sensors in the ground help farmers around Europe better understand the needs of their crops and save water, pesticides, and labor. 


Sensors measure values of dust, CO2, NOx and help municipalities review their air quality, traffic and provide information and recommendations to their citizens.


Only NB-IoT can transmit data from water meter shafts below ground or in basements. Water companies can automate their billing and react quickly in case of leaks.